Shivansh Rustagi

I’m an undergraduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz studying Computer Science and Statistics. In my free time, I like to learn languages, take photos, listen to music, rock climb, cycle, or just snooze. When I’m hard at work, I love exploring the intersection between machine learning and natural language, solving complex problems, learning about design, and building cool stuff.

Currently, I’m running Santa Cruz Artificial Intelligence, UCSC’s first undergraduate artificial intelligence initiative. I also co-founded 180 Degrees Consulting at UCSC, where I’m the Director of Consulting. Previously, I’ve worked at Icuro as a Deep Learning Intern, where I merged the worlds of hardware and software to create machine learning models built to run on embedded systems with lightning-fast inference times.

Feel free to poke around here and check out some of the things I’ve built, my resume, or hit me up on any of my social media.


Learn languages with live visual cues, powered by natural language processing. Built at MHacks 2019 using Node.JS, Natural, and GCP Speech-to-Text.


Helping UCSC Students access personal dining information and clutterless menus by voice with Amazon Alexa. Built at CruzHacks 2019, Amazon Sponsor Prize Winner.


Get instant textual summaries from YouTube videos, powered by latent semantic analysis and Google Cloud Platform Speech-to-Text. Built at HackTech 2019.


Reverse-ETF system built to make investing more affordable by pairing investors of varying purchasing power. Built using Node.JS, Blackrock Aladdin, Firebase, and CapitalOne.